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Embark on your Mandarin journey with our Beginner courses, crafted for those starting from scratch. You’ll learn essential vocabulary, basic sentence structures, and proper pronunciation. Get to grips with everyday conversational phrases and start building your foundation in reading and writing Chinese characters. Sample lessons include greetings, introductions, and common expressions to navigate daily scenarios.

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Expand your Mandarin skills with our Intermediate lessons, designed for learners who have mastered the basics. Dive deeper into grammar, expand your vocabulary, and start engaging with more complex texts. You'll practice conversation on a wider range of topics, from dining and travel to culture and current events. Sample lessons cover nuanced grammar points, idiomatic expressions, and the development of listening and speaking skills.

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Refine and master your Mandarin with our Advanced courses. These are tailored for proficient speakers who want to perfect their fluency. Tackle advanced grammar, sophisticated vocabulary, and immerse yourself in professional and academic topics. You'll analyze authentic texts, participate in debates, and express complex ideas with precision. Sample lessons include business communication and literature analysis to name a few.

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Explore the diversity of Chinese language learning on our platform, suitable for every level of expertise. Discover modern-day China through our culturally relevant readers with highlighted cultural insights. Take advantage of our free-tier lessons or explore unlimited content without restriction with a 7-day free trial on any of our premium plans.  Elevate your language skills at your own pace, with resources designed for practical, everyday use.

Real Stories from Happy Learners

Discover how our lessons have transformed the Mandarin journey for learners worldwide.

Born in the US, I wanted to reconnect with my roots. This graded reader truly refined my Mandarin - my conversations with my family are now richer and more authentic.
Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 11.02
Lucy L.
Who knew I'd be chatting in Mandarin in just a few months? The lessons are packed with stuff you actually use, and they fit into my crazy schedule. So worth it!
Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 11.04
Priya S.
Okay, so I thought I'd struggle with Mandarin tones forever, but the audio here is super clear. I'm actually getting compliments from my Chinese friends now!
Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 11.11
Alex W.
New York